Piper Dreams Three Available Now

Since this blog post goes to Amazon 😀 Piper Dreams Three is available today. It’s the conclusion of the Piper Dreams Trilogy. It picks up where Part Two ends. So if you have read Part Two earlier, I’d recommend reading the last two chapters of Piper Dreams Part Two.

I’ve been a bit sick these last few weeks with a headache I can’t seem to get rid of. So I’ll be taking it easy from here on out. I have been writing something new. I’ll share more when I have more to share.

http://www.ameliesduncan.com is the website.



Hello June

I totally forgot I was writing here lol I mostly write on my website. It’s 2:24 a.m. I’m a little under the weather. My DH has a summer cold 😦

Piper Dreams Three is in editing. I’m still hoping to release part three in June. It is the conclusion to the trilogy. My next story will not be a trilogy. It will be a standalone. I’m leaning towards a rock theme. I’ve read some bios of late. Some really sad stuff. I don’t want to make this next story sad, so I’ll have to see what I can do to make it happy.



I’m making some changes to the website and here. I’m updating the covers and ebooks. I’m also revising chapters 13-15 of Piper Dreams 3, the conclusion of the trilogy. I have a Book Blitz planned for May 18-20th. I’m developing a standalone based on a previous story, but we shall see how that goes. Back to work. I hope you all are well.



More Writing

I’m working on Part Three of Piper Dreams. I’ve revised the prologue (yes this one has a prologue) to chapter 7. I’m now looking at my rough draft of Chapter 8 and 9. I hope to revise some of it today. I’m becoming more of a night owl. I like writing at night. I used to love the early mornings.

I was thinking what about TL reminds me of Piper Dreams. It’s a character I cut from the book Linda-she’s similar to Riley. She was Jonas and Dani’s daughter. Paul used to be a twin. She didn’t fit well with the dynamic between Jonas and Lily so she was taken out. I liked Paul and so did my DH and left him in. Some readers have told me they like Paul. A little comic relief in the challenges that Lily had in her life.

Thank you for reading.


Coffee and Zombies


I’m writing Piper Dreams three and drinking coffee. I’m also looking at my favorite new show, I-Zombie. I love the first season. I’m a little lost on 2, but I’m going to try to watch them all again to see what I missed. I would love to write a zombie story or something paranormal–maybe next time.

Great feedback so far on chapters so I’m much more motivated to keep going today. I wish you a wonderful weekend whatever your tradition.

Thank you for reading,


New Review of Piper Dreams Part Two

If you are considering the Piper Dream’s Series, I would ask you to take a look at this review by Sam of Ramblings of a Young PR Girl’s blog: 


I’m revising chapters 4 today of Part Three.

I hope to get to the revisions of chapter 5 too so wish me luck. Many changes on the way too.

Thank you very much for reading!



I just decided to tune in to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s now on my list of favorite shows. It’s a step away from my zombie love, but it’s so laugh out loud funny I just love it. It’s my background to writing today. Part Three of Piper Dreams. This is the warm fuzzy one–well eventually lol

My awesome beta reader linked me to a series article a while ago that used Star Wars as a model. Knowing just how much I love the movies. SO we had our Empire and now we are in full Ewok.

You are probably thinking I’m the silliest writer out there, but hey why do you have to be so serious all the time. We need a smile.but hey why do you have to be so serious all the time. We need a smile. I wish you a wonderful week.