Match Fit Live and Starting Over

I’m so happy and relieved Match Fit is finally out. It still has some tweaks to be fixed at the vendor, but hopefully that will be updated soon. So now is the hard part, what to write next? Some recommend working on another Rom-Com Sport (sy) book. Others want a menage (Piper, Brody, and Cole book :D) A few asked for a book spin-off of Mary and Ian. The last one I want to be a stronger writer before trying to write that story. I love the characters so much that I fear messing up the series.

Tiger Lily was the also the most stressful to write and I haven’t wished to revisit that experience. Little Wolf was the most sad. I really had absolutely no clue what I was doing (and still don’t but learn a little each year). Piper Dreams good, but chaotic. Match Fit was better and a little chaotic. The whole self publishing experience has left me completely drained.

I sent out a lot of ARC’s for review feedback in hopes of  finding out from readers what I’m missing that I can improve on to craft more enjoyable stories. The best way to learn I suppose is reading. I do read, study, and practice regularly (not so much lately). I still can barely string words together lol, but I’m grateful to the wonderful group of people that I found to work with that helps improve the stories.

So what’s next? I don’t know.


Match Fit Coming October 11th

Three more days and Match Fit will be released! Thank you to the bloggers that signed up for Bare Naked Words Release Day Blitz. Thank you to the readers that are reading the ARCs. I hope you enjoy it.

I’m nervous and excited about the story. It’s a light heart, fun Romantic Story. It comes with a fun bit of twist and turns. Brooke is the strongest female I’ve written. She a hard working actress in a sea of other actors in NYC. She has the talent and wants to make it big, but it’s not been easy. Acting comes with an expensive price tag and risk. You have to love it and Brooke definitely loves it. 

Dylan having been a Soccer/Football Superstar in Britain new transplant to NYC is more at the end of his sports career and with his personal support team is seeking out an opportunity of a new career change.

Match fit is first of all a Romance with Sports. It’s fun sexy sweet story that will hopefully leave you feeling good.

One day before my B-day and I’m feeling stressed. I am taking up a new hobby to do besides writing. I’m behind in writing atm. I’ve been way less productive than normal. We shall see how it all works out.


Match Fit: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

Match Fit_Ebook_Small.jpg


He’s cocky, dirty, and demanding. He’s a walking wet dream.

He’s also mine. Or at least he’s pretending to be…



Notorious British bad boy footballer Dylan Pierce is scorching hot…

and he knows it.

With a mouth as filthy as his reputation, linking myself with him could ruin my public image.

But showbusiness is all about risk, and as a down-on-my-luck actress,

this could be the break my career needs.



Brooke Sullivan is my most difficult opponent yet.

Being seen with a good girl like her may give me a chance at Hollywood stardom,

but I never expected to crave this feisty redhead.

I can’t lose my focus—I always keep my eye on the ball,

I’m always match-fit.

And winning her is the most important game I’ve ever played.

Match Fit: A Standalone Bad Boy Sports Romance

Hello 😀

Tomorrow is the cover reveal and the beginning of promotions for Match Fit, which I will be releasing in October. It’s a standalone! No cliffhangers-romance. One of the awesome feedback’s I received on the story was that it’s light, steamy, firty, sexy, and fun read!

That’s the buzz for the new story using the word I love hearing, fun! So if you are feeling down, this will be the book to make you laugh and smile for a while!

I had a lot of fun writing Dylan and Brooke. Dylan because he’s British and my DH is British. I lived in Britain for five years and will more than likely return. Anyway, football (soccer) was huge there and I found myself caught up in the energy. My DH is a Celtic Fan. I wasn’t loyal. I liked Man City and Chelsea at times Man U (so I sucked lol) My DH sometimes cheered for Liverpool (but that’s a secret lol) Anyway, I was inspired by the players and media at the time. Dylan Pierce came out of all that. He’s cocky, dirty, and dominant. He’s loveable too, which I hope you will find in the story. 

Brooke comes out of love of drama queens (No I promise you she’s not irritating) She captures that get down and work NYC dreamer type. She’s strong, determined, and impulsive. She’s an actress and she’ s your best friend. When I was in NYC, I loved musicals. I went to see a lot of shows. She came out of that energy. Plus, she’s got a West Coast feel about her, inspired by my West Coast living.

It’s a fun twist on the pretend relationship plot. It worth a look. There is my sale 😉 lol Thank you to all the bloggers that signed up to bring the word out tomorrow!

New book finally finished


I’ve finally finished writing my new standalone Contemporary Erotic Romance. It’s going to be a few first for me. I haven’t written a standalone story in a while and I’m pretty excited about it. It’s sports, but not over encompassing. It’s light, fun, steamy, sexy, story. The hero is an alpha loving dominant man. The heroine is a strong female lead character. This story is more centered on the two of them unlike my other stories that usually have a cast of characters. There are characters, but the relationship here is paramount as it should be for romances. It’s filthy too so if that’s not your thing well lmao I don’t know what to tell you.

It’s a reflection on where I am right now. I’m very happy. So of course the stories I wish to write are going to reflect that joy. It’s more of an inner attitude 😀 I’ve got a synopsis to create to try to get that blurb together.

So wish me luck!


The website will be updated soon!

I’m presently writing a Contemporary Erotic Romance Standalone. It’s a light-hearted sexy story lol with a  strong female lead and a loving sexy cocky dominant.   It’s about halfway written. I may try at writing the rest and spending next month on revising each chapter. So far, beta feedback has been positive. The cover and banner are finished. I am still working on the blurb. I hope to schedule the cover reveal soon.

Website will be going through an update. I will also getting help with the newsletter.

I may box set Tiger Lily before the end of the year. But I am considering adding something to it as a bonus. If I do, I will make it available to those who have the series.

Back to writing the CERS! Thank you all so much for reading and supporting the stories. I love story telling. Thank you so much!

Also. There are book and prize giveaways on facebook. so you are welcome to stop by there.