Match Fit: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

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He’s cocky, dirty, and demanding. He’s a walking wet dream.

He’s also mine. Or at least he’s pretending to be…



Notorious British bad boy footballer Dylan Pierce is scorching hot…

and he knows it.

With a mouth as filthy as his reputation, linking myself with him could ruin my public image.

But showbusiness is all about risk, and as a down-on-my-luck actress,

this could be the break my career needs.



Brooke Sullivan is my most difficult opponent yet.

Being seen with a good girl like her may give me a chance at Hollywood stardom,

but I never expected to crave this feisty redhead.

I can’t lose my focus—I always keep my eye on the ball,

I’m always match-fit.

And winning her is the most important game I’ve ever played.


Match Fit: A Standalone Bad Boy Sports Romance

Hello 😀

Tomorrow is the cover reveal and the beginning of promotions for Match Fit, which I will be releasing in October. It’s a standalone! No cliffhangers-romance. One of the awesome feedback’s I received on the story was that it’s light, steamy, firty, sexy, and fun read!

That’s the buzz for the new story using the word I love hearing, fun! So if you are feeling down, this will be the book to make you laugh and smile for a while!

I had a lot of fun writing Dylan and Brooke. Dylan because he’s British and my DH is British. I lived in Britain for five years and will more than likely return. Anyway, football (soccer) was huge there and I found myself caught up in the energy. My DH is a Celtic Fan. I wasn’t loyal. I liked Man City and Chelsea at times Man U (so I sucked lol) My DH sometimes cheered for Liverpool (but that’s a secret lol) Anyway, I was inspired by the players and media at the time. Dylan Pierce came out of all that. He’s cocky, dirty, and dominant. He’s loveable too, which I hope you will find in the story. 

Brooke comes out of love of drama queens (No I promise you she’s not irritating) She captures that get down and work NYC dreamer type. She’s strong, determined, and impulsive. She’s an actress and she’ s your best friend. When I was in NYC, I loved musicals. I went to see a lot of shows. She came out of that energy. Plus, she’s got a West Coast feel about her, inspired by my West Coast living.

It’s a fun twist on the pretend relationship plot. It worth a look. There is my sale 😉 lol Thank you to all the bloggers that signed up to bring the word out tomorrow!