The website will be updated soon!

I’m presently writing a Contemporary Erotic Romance Standalone. It’s a light-hearted sexy story lol with a  strong female lead and a loving sexy cocky dominant.   It’s about halfway written. I may try at writing the rest and spending next month on revising each chapter. So far, beta feedback has been positive. The cover and banner are finished. I am still working on the blurb. I hope to schedule the cover reveal soon.

Website will be going through an update. I will also getting help with the newsletter.

I may box set Tiger Lily before the end of the year. But I am considering adding something to it as a bonus. If I do, I will make it available to those who have the series.

Back to writing the CERS! Thank you all so much for reading and supporting the stories. I love story telling. Thank you so much!

Also. There are book and prize giveaways on facebook. so you are welcome to stop by there.




Work In Progress

I’m up to 10k in wc on my work in progress. I have also spent a lot of time catching up on reading. I can say the new book will be a Contemporary Romance Standalone.