More Writing

I’m working on Part Three of Piper Dreams. I’ve revised the prologue (yes this one has a prologue) to chapter 7. I’m now looking at my rough draft of Chapter 8 and 9. I hope to revise some of it today. I’m becoming more of a night owl. I like writing at night. I used to love the early mornings.

I was thinking what about TL reminds me of Piper Dreams. It’s a character I cut from the book Linda-she’s similar to Riley. She was Jonas and Dani’s daughter. Paul used to be a twin. She didn’t fit well with the dynamic between Jonas and Lily so she was taken out. I liked Paul and so did my DH and left him in. Some readers have told me they like Paul. A little comic relief in the challenges that Lily had in her life.

Thank you for reading.



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