Piper Dreams: Release in Four Days!

Four Days until the release of Part One/Book One of Piper Dreams: Dream it, Seize it, Live it. I don’t wish to spoil the story for you. What I can say is it’s not a standalone. It will be more than one book. It’s dual POV. The heroine is Piper Rowe and the hero is Brody (Broderick Whitehurst). Piper is a college student at North University in Boston, Mass. Her major is Journalism. Her career dream is to be a Global Journalist. Something that grew from her late father Wheeler’s exciting experience and some success. Though it’s end didn’t go as well for Wheeler. Anyway, the story starts with Piper and that dream. Her name is a play on Pipe Dreams. Those big dreams you have when you’re young and still new to the world….


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