Writing, coffee, and series binge


I’ve been writing Part Two of Piper Dreams. I still don’t know how I should list it. Right now it says, Piper Dreams: Dream it, Seize it, Live it. (The Dreams Series Book 1) That’s a mouthful. Titles are hard to come up with. I want to keep to the themes of the story. It’s  about two weeks until release. I haven’t done much promotion. I’ve decided to focus on getting Part Two written so there won’t be a long gap in the trilogy. I’m following a schedule this year. If I’m able to stick to it and the story is good, I will have the remaining two released before you can forget about them, I hope lol

I’m up to chapter 7 of Part Two. I’m drinking coffee today and revising 6 and 7 again. My goal is 3k after revisions. If I do, I will find something on Netflix to binge watch. I’ve finished season Six of Vampire Diaries. I’m going to write a paranormal romance one day.

Thank you all for reading the stories. I wish you happiness whatever your traditon 😀




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